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Player entering battlegrounds on both factions [Resolvido]

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Good evening, I would like to report this user Criadodasoja.


As you can see he joined the same battleground on both factions so he favors his horde by being afk on the alliance one.

I'm not sure what is server policy about this but please don't allow it, it really ruins the PVP, it is not only the numeric advantage, by being in both sides this guy can also know the location of players using stealth/prowl and similar skills. How fair is that?

PS: I post here because "denuncie" forum does not allow it (it says you cannot post on this forum), maybe you guys want to check that.

Thanks in advance.

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Okay, i've verified, and they are DIFERENT PERSON


Is just a mere coincidence rsrsrsrs

He is clean no Punishment.


And, thank so much for your report Kv9118

If you haved seen anything suspicious and you are CERTAIN about it, please call the staff ok, IF DOES not, DON' T call Ok


Bye and good game ^^

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